"Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" Surges Past Three Million Copies

Jack Tretton, the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), has confirmed that 2009 has been an exceptionally good year for Sony's flagship console, the Playstation 3.

He has hailed games like "UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves" as one of the reasons why the console fared so well. Naughty Dog's second opus in the franchise is set to reach three million copies sold worldwide, even better than the first one.

Not bad for a game that was launched only four months ago, albeit exclusive for the PS3. As for UC2's figure, that's roughly equivalent to the number of Playstation 3 sold in the UK since the console was launched.

Some have described the game as one with an "amazing, thought-provoking narrative coupled with intense third-person gameplay". We have yet to try it though.

Overall, the PS3 was the only console across the three main territories (UK, US and Japan) to see their consumers spend 15 percent more on software than they did last year.

In other words, PS3 owners bucked the trend (and the recession) and ploughed more money in their consoles than Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 users. Arguably, choosing three territories (albeit the most important ones) has a dose of PR and spin but it proves a point.

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Tretton also adds that sales of the console have been brisk in December 2009, which it described as the best one ever in the platform's history. More than one million consoles have been sold with 7.3 million units.

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