Valentines Day boosts eBay lingerie sales

Sales of posh underwear on eBay have gone through the roof, as hopeful other halves flock to the auction site to pick up something special for Valentine's Day.

According to the Telegraph, sales of posh knicker brand La Perla have shot up 823 per cent. Even spankers' favourite, highly-priced Agent Provocateur are up 800 per cent over the past couple of weeks.

Knickerless geezers should not contemplate sending a soppy email or Tweet, however, and would do better to get down the shop and get a card in.

The Royal Mail, which might have an axe to grind here, said it surveyed 1,000 people and 40 per cent had said it would be either “rude” or “lazy” send an e-missive rather than a proper, cardboard-based Valentine’s Day card.