£399 Panasonic SC-BTX70 Blu Ray Home Theatre

A completely new and unique vertical slim design is used. Its stylish silhouette has an elegant and luxurious appearance.

A Universal Dock allows an iPod to be stored inside the main unit even when it is connected, and preserves the stylish design.

By adding a new top mounted speaker unit to the top of the speaker, we succeeded in expanding the listening area. Because the top mounted speaker unit radiates an expansive sound, you enjoy the surround sound effect over a wide area.

It's ideal for watching movies with family or friends.

Panasonic's Home Cinema System is a great way to enjoy the music, video and photo contents on your iPod.

The list of iPod content can be displayed on the TV screen, and you can use the remote control from the home cinema system or a VIERA TV to select and play it, for Music and VIDEO To enjoy iPod photo contents, please connect your home cinema system with HDMI cable to your TV.

Even though the SC-BTX70 is a 2.1-channel speaker system, Panasonic's virtual technology lets you enjoy Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD 7.1-channel surround sound. If you don't have the space to install eight speakers, you can still enjoy lifelike sounds that rival 7.1-channel systems.

Because these models are compatible with the VIERA CAST function, you can access YouTube, Picasa, and other Internet sites from the special VIERA CAST screen.

YouTube lets you watch the newest video clips, and Picasa lets you view Web-based photos. You can also check weather and stock information on other sites.

After using the Blu-ray Disc home cinema system, it is automatically turned off when you return to TV operation using the VIERA Link menu.

You can buy this superb Blu-ray ensemble from Dabs for £399 including delivery.