IBM Announces First 8-core Power7-based Systems

IBM has just spruced up its range of high performance multi-core server solutions with the launch of new resource-efficient eight-core “Power7” processors, tailored to deliver high computing performance for a wide range of tasks that require handling large volumes of data.

This high performance power system has been tailored to handle some of the most demanding applications, such as electrical grids and real-time analytics designed for financial markets.

In addition to managing host of services involving handling large data volumes, Big Blue’s new offering also helps clients to manage their existing applications and services in an efficient manner by taking advantage of breakthroughs in energy savings, virtualisation, cost-effective use memory, energy savings, and an improved price performance.

IBM is touting that the Power 7 systems boast of the capability of handling millions of real-time transactions as well as examining the associated data volumes.

The system reportedly incorporates raft of cutting-edge technologies to cater to the specialised requirements of the latest applications and services.

Furthermore, the new systems as well as management software launched by IBM include IBM Power 770 modular enterprise system, IBM Power 780 high-end servers, IBM Power 750 Express Energy Star, and IBM Power 755 computing cluster node.

You can read more about our initial coverage here and how it might pan out compared to Intel's new Tukwila Itanium processor.

Our Comments

Big Blue's Power7 processors are interesting beast. Expect some significant performance improvements compared to the previous generation. Comparing it to x86 and other platforms won't be an easy task because of the complexity of the overall architectures.

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