Indian iPad rival revealed

Upstart Indian startup Notion Ink will be brandishing its very own tablet PC at this year's Mobile World Congress in an effort to upstage Apple's upcoming iPad.

The prototype, cheekily named Adam (yes we spotted the fruity link) has a very familiar form factor to anyone who has followed the iPad hype, but includes all of the things Apple seems to have forgotten, including USB ports, HDMI, multitasking, a camera, card slot and Flash compatibility.

Powered by an ARM Dual Core A-9 CPU and Nvidia Tegra 2 graphics SoC, the Adam appears to use Android as an operating system and boasts an extraordinary 16 hours of HD video playback from a single charge of its three-cell battery. That we'd like to see.

There's no notion of price, availablity or even if the product will ever go into full production, but Apple had better watch out if the Adam does ever come to fruition.