Intel & Nokia Want To Eradicate ARMDroid Alliance

We suspect that Intel did approach Nokia with that cunning plan to merge Maemo and Moblin and get rid of the reliable but increasingly long-in-the-tooth Symbian while sneakily suggesting to the world's biggest phone manufacturer that using its chips might be a good thing.

Make no mistake, Intel is a hardware company first and the $35 billion it made last year - with a gross profit of more than 55 percent - was due to the sale of its processors, chipsets and other computer parts.

Its partnership with Nokia will help Intel sell more chips in the future as it looks forward to compete with and wrestle control of the mobile market from ARM and its partners.

Meego, we believe, will be the Trojan horse that will help it do so; a cheap one, since it is essentially a Linux for Mobile (not LiMo though) platform which is bound to become very popular if Nokia and Intel combine their financial clout together.

More than 1.3 billion chips based on ARM designs were sold in the fourth quarter of 2009 according to ARM Holdings. By comparison, Intel took 25 years to sell its first one billionth processor (that was back in 2003).

But Intel is known to invest massively in research and development, $5.8 billion the last time we looked at the figures, which is around TEN times ARM's revenues for the whole of 2009.

This means that the next version of Atom, codenamed Moorestown, which is a System-on-chip solution, will be a formidable opponent to ARM.

Back in January 2010 at CES, Intel told Anandtech that they expect Moorestown to deliver better performance (but nothing on performance per watt) than a SoC with two Cortex A9 cores, something that hasn't even been released yet.

Our Comments

We have already explored what the Intel + Nokia partnership means to the mobile industry and we did look at how ARM could potentially defeat the x86 industry.

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