IPCC climate experts peddled double Dutch

Folk poring over documents produced by the U.N. panel of climate experts have found another slight flaw in the data.

Apparently, the experts overstated how much of the Netherlands is below sea level. This of course means there's no such thing as man-made global warming so those of us worried about inundation can relax.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said that in a 2007 report it stated that 55 per cent of Holland was below sea level.

The report said: "The Netherlands is an example of a country highly susceptible to both sea level rise and river flooding because 55 per cent of its territory is below sea level."

The Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency provided the original data but has now changed its mind. It now thinks just 26 percent of the country is below sea level with a further 29 per cent susceptible to river flooding.

Last month, the IPCC acknowledged that a 2007 report exaggerated the pace of melt of the Himalayan glaciers.

Such errors might not matter much of there weren't such an army of nutters trying to claim that human beings haven't broken the planet and its climate.