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Microsoft Says Windows XP BSOD Linked To Rare Malware

The senior communications manager lead at Microsoft, Jerry Bryant, has posted on the Microsoft Security response Center blog that the recent Blue Screen of Death problem related to the MS10-015 security bulletin for Windows XP has been caused by the presence of a hard-to-detect malware on the system.

A few days after the Patch Tuesday update was released, several Windows XP users had reported on Microsoft's user forums that their systems were affected by the Blue Screen of Death after installing the MS10-015 security bulletin, which was related to a flaw in the Windows Kernel.

The company removed the update from its Windows Automatic update when it learned about the problem.

Commenting on the complexity of the problem caused by the rootkit, Jerry Bryant wrote on the blog that “One of the key components when investigating issues like this are obtaining memory dumps from computers experiencing the problem. In order to get the information we need to fully analyse the issue.” He also added that the company is not abandoning the investigation and other possibilities are also being explored.

The Redmond based software giant also encouraged users to send affected memory dumps to the company's research labs in order to help the ongoing investigation.

Our Comments

The blog post also advised users to follow the guidelines given in Microsoft's 'Protect Your PC' section and keep the anti-virus programs updated in order to stay protected from malware. It is a good idea to regularly scan your computer for malware and update your security software.

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