Microsoft says XP BSOD caused by malware

Microsoft is insisting that problems with the latest update to XP, which is causing some users to suffer Blue Screen of Death problems at start-up, are caused by existing malware on the system... probably.

An official blog post on Microsoft's security Response Centre says, "We have determined that malware on the system can cause the behavior (sic). We are not yet ruling out other potential causes at this time and are still investigating."

The update, MS10-015, has caused a firestorm of complaints with loads of users locked out of their systems and stuck in endless restart loops.

Microsoft quickly removed the update and advised anyone experiencing problems to revert to a previous version of the operating system. Microsoft warned that companies using enterprise deployment systems such as SMS or WSUS would still be able to see and deploy the broken update, and should steer well clear.

Microsoft is so concerned about the cock-up that it has sent engineers out to collect affected systems so that it can better analyse the crash data.

Security Communications Manager Jerry Bryant usefully said, "This can be a difficult issue to solve once a computer is in an un-bootable state so we encourage customers who feel they have been impacted by this to contact our Customer Service and Support group by going to", which is a fat lot of good to anyone with a dead PC.