Microsoft Set To Roll Out Windows Mobile 7 At MWC?

The long awaited Mobile World Congress, which will begin in Barcelona today, will see some important announcements from several big names in the mobile phone industry including Microsoft, which is expected to throw light on its Windows 7 mobile operating system.

The CEO of Microsoft, the world's largest software company, Steve Ballmer is due to announce the mobile operating system at a press conference at the popular event, which showcases emerging mobile and wireless technology developed by countries or companies all over the globe.

The Windows 7 desktop operating system is doing wonders for the company since its launch and has emerged as the fastest selling operating system software of all time.

Industry experts believe that the mobile OS version will be able to boost the popularity of Microsoft's Windows Mobile franchise, which continues to loose market share to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android OS.

According to several industry sources and rumors, the new Windows 7 mobile OS is said to focus more on delivering a 'cool' user interface which has been the success of phones like the iPhone.

It is rumored that Microsoft will integrate the mobile OS with its existing product line including the Zune music player. Recent market share data reveals that Microsoft's market share in the US smartphone market has slipped to 18 percent.

Our Comments

Microsoft desperately needs to launch **something** to tackle the combined threat of Android and iPhone OS. Windows 6.5.3 can only temporarily fill an ever growing gap in Microsoft's portfolio. WM7 will also possibly, stem the flow of users who are leaving their ageing WinMo handsets for more elaborate ones.

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