Motorola Launch Android-Based Quench Smartphone At MWC

US-based Motorola came up at MWC with what Cnet has called the silliest name for a smartphone, the Quench, which is an Android touchscreen device that brings back Motoblur, Motorola's signature user interface that's heavy on social networking features.

Quench, which was formerly known under the codenamed Zeppelin, appears to be a slight update on the Dext, which is no surprise given that it is known as the Cliq XT in the US, exclusively on T-Mobile.

The device - which is Motorola's eighth Android-based device - has a 3.1-inch touchscreen display with a touch-sensitive navigation pad just underneath it with two buttons on each side.

Motorola has bundled in a 5-megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, a3.5-mm headphone jack, a microSD slot, voice-activated search, Wi-Fi, aGPS and Bluetooth 2.1 to make it a credible mainstream smartphone.

In addition, the Android OS v1.5 benefits from the inclusion of Adobe Flash lite while the Motoblur interface guarantees quasi real-time synchronisation from the user's social networking feeds. Expect an update soon to v2.1 soon though.

The Quench also comes with two microphones and the kind of noise cancellation solution found in the Nexus One but apparently no physical, slide out keyboard. It should be available in the UK before the end of April 2010.

Our Comments

The Droid was quite fun while the Dext was subpar. If rightly priced, the Quench can be quite a success but then, you can expect a number of similar specced, competitively priced devices to come over the next few months as Android becomes even more popular.

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