Nokia Merges Maemo With Intel's Moblin To Launch Meego Platform

Nokia has succumbed to the overtures of Intel and allowed its Maemo platform to be merged with Linux-based Moblin as the pair look forward to compete with Android and ARM respectively.

The new platform was announced this morning at MWC 2010 in Barcelona and will bear the name Meego (not Meebo) and will be built using parts of both Linux-based platforms.

Both Intel and Nokia have said that the platform will be kept open and placed under the aegis of the Linux foundation as part of their plan to "herald a new era of mobile computing".

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia's CEO, said at the launch event that "MeeGo will drive an even wider range of internet computing and communication experiences for consumers, on new types of mobile devices... ".

Meego will support both AppUp and OVI, similar but separate digital software distribution systems from Intel and Nokia respectively and will provide support for ARM and x86 processors.

We suggested last August that "there is a strong possibility that Nokia could merge Maemo with Intel's own Moblin" after both companies announced that they will be "coordinating their Open Source technology selection and development investments including both operating systems to help foster the development of compatible applications".

We also explored in June 2009 the implications of the alliance between Intel and Nokia, both of which are market leaders in their respective fields and came up with the conclusion that they "could help create an ecosystem capable of rivalling Microsoft one day".

Our Comments

Microsoft needs Intel more than Intel needs Microsoft. Symbian is going to be limited to feature phones only and Nokia is only worth around $48 billion which might be a great platform for Intel (if it was purchased by the later) to push its products in consumer markets. But it won't happen.

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