Samsung shows off first phone using own OS

Samsung has shown off a new mobile phone running its own Bada operating system.

The Samsung 'Wave' smartphone introduced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the first to be based on Samsung's Bada operating system. Bada is an open platform designed to compete with the likes of Google's Android, Apple's iPhone, Microsoft's Windows Mobile, et al.

The Wave smartphone uses a new Super AMOLED touch screen technology and the first designed by Samsung to run its own software.

Samsung plans to treble its sales of smartphones in 2010 and already has half a dozen designs for Bada-driven handsets it intends to bring to market this year.

JK Shin, the head of Samsung's mobile operations, told Reuters in an interview that Bada would help the company benefit from burgeoning demand for smartphones in emerging markets.

"I believe that the smartphone market will grow more than 20 percent every year for a three-year time frame, and the growth rate in emerging markets is much higher than that of advanced countries," JK Shin said.