Vodafone punts world's cheapest mobile

Vodafone has launched what it says is the world's cheapest mobile handset at Phoneapalooza in Barcelona.

The Vodafone 150 handset will be aimed at developing regions like Turkey and Africa, the firm said, where it will retail for around £10.

But don't be expecting anything fancy for your tenner. The 150 has a monochrome screen, looks more like a cheap TV remote than a modern mobile, and won't do much more than make calls and receive text messages.

For an extra fiver you can really go upmarket with the Vodafone 250 which has a colour screen, and built-in FM radio.

Vodafone says it has no plans to release the cheap and cheerful handsets in the UK but we reckon they'd make a killing marketing it as the Drunkphone. A virtually-disposable device which could replace your £600 iPhone on beery nights out.