Adobe Joins Linux Mobile Foundation To Promote Flash

Adobe Systems, the US based software maker, has announced at the World Mobile Congress trade show in Barcelona, that the company will be introducing its Flash 10.1 platform to smartphones in the first half of 2010.

The software has successfully made a niche for itself on users’ desktops but has still failed to penetrate the hand-held device segment and the fact that the technology was absent from the most popular smartphone, Apple's iPhone, didn’t help its case.

However, now the company is bent upon promoting Flash 10.1 technology and has joined the LiMo Foundation, a group devoted to putting Linux on mobile phones.

The company had earlier attempted to lure smartphone makers by introducing Flash Lite for mobile phones but the software failed to make an impression on the market.

But the company has said that the new Flash for mobile devices will be a lighter but powerful version of Flash 10.1 and will fully utilize the advanced features of today’s smartphones.

Commenting on the prospect of developing Flash 10.1 for LiMo member’s mobile phones, David Wadhwani, general manager of Adobe's Flash business said in statement that “Bringing the Flash Platform to LiMo opens up a significant opportunity for Adobe to further its goals of open standards and multi-screen interoperability of rich mobile content.”

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The company also plans to launch Adobe AIR for smartphones around the same time. Adobe Flash is the industry standard software technology which allows people to watch web videos and play games without resorting to installing applications.

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