AMD 12-core box for sale on eBay

A set of four twelve-core AMD Opteron 6174 microprocessors is for sale in an Ebay auction.

The chip wizardry, which is not yet officially on sale, is offered by a Oakville Mehlville Computers, a firm based in St Louis, US and A, but which looks like it does most of its business on the auction site.

In its virtual shopfront on eBay the firm also has a 48-core server running AMD’s twelve-core microprocessors on sale for a mere $20,000.

The four AMD Opteron 6174 chips on offer here run at 2.20GHz, sport 12MB of unified level-three cache and have 6MB level-two cache (512KB of cache per core).

The CPUs, code-named Magny-Cours, are equipped with quad-channel PC3-10600 memory controllers and fit in the socket G34 platform. You'll need one, if you feel like bidding!

AMD has made no comment on the matter other than to inform X-Bit Labs that "Magny-Cours is on track to launch in the current quarter."