Bishops say give up tech for Lent

Church leaders are asking people to give up technology for Lent in an effort to ease global poverty.

Senior bishops say we should stop using energy-sapping gadgets for 40 days and send the money we save on the power bills to people who can't afford iPods and giant, flat-screen TVs.

"Lent is a period when we should look at how we live our lives," The Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Rev John Pritchard told the Telegraph. "Giving up chocolate is a symbol of that but giving up technology is a more serious way of looking at the issues that face us as a global community."

So instead of stuffing our faces with delicious lemony pancakes whilst sat in front of the telly surrounded by 21st century technological trappings, we'll be sat in the dark wondering what's happening on Facebook and missing Eastenders.

We might manage 40 minutes... not so sure about 40 days, though.