Crusty Nintendo console fetches $13,105

If the early buckets of silicon from your childhood are gathering dust in the garage, then have a sort through your old gaming wares, as you could be sitting on a veritable gold mine. At least, that’s what a 39-year-old Mum on eBay recently found when she flogged her old NES for $13,105 US.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t the age-old, boxy Nintendo console that fetched the big bucks, but rather the inclusion of the game Stadium Events, which is commonly considered to be the rarest licensed NES game in the US.

The game was only ever released in Woolworths in the northern region of the US, but was then swiftly pulled. It’s estimated that only 2,000 copies of the game made it out to Woolworths, and of those only 200 were probably bought by customers, with the remaining 1,800 presumed destroyed.

Only the NTSC version of the game will fetch the astronomical sums, as the European PAL and Japanese Famicom versions are much more common. Nintendo fan site Nintendo Age has just put up a guide to show you how to differentiate between the different versions, and how to spot fakes. The key feature to look out for is apparently the Nintendo quality seal, which has to be gold, round and transparent.

The antique game was auctioned off by Angel, known as lace_thongs35 on eBay, who had no idea what she was sitting on when she first put it up for sale. In fact, the game’s title was even missing from the title of the auction, which was just called “Original Nintendo game system lot / controller / 5 games.” Angel was then alerted to the game’s exorbitant value by the forum users on Nintendo Age, who invited her to join their forums.

After learning of the game’s worth, Angel revealed on the forums that she probably picked up the game from a yard sale, and reckons she only paid $2 for it. As the bids racked up, she then said that she was "looking at my auctions in amazement and still shaking my head wondering how I got this lucky!"

Sadly, money can’t buy taste, however. On the forums, Angel revealed how she planned to spend the money, saying she was “not too embarrassed to say it, but I am a crazy fanatic over the BRATZ dolls and their clothing so I think I will try to find me some of those lol.”