HTC Desire To Cost £450 Sim Free, Official Site Pops Up

The official snazzy and very colourful site of the HTC Desire has just cropped up courtesy of HTC Europe with just enough details to wet our appetite especially when you click on the pre-register button at the bottom of the page for its launch 44 days from now - that's on the 2nd of April.

The pre-registration window shows that the HTC Desire "Superphone" *may* be available on eight networks including Three, Virgin Mobile, Carphone Warehouse and .... Phones4U. Upon registration, you could win one of 200 available queue-jumpers.

Mind you, those are queue-jumpers, not actual phones. Anyhow, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile have already confirmed that they will sell the phone formerly known as Bravo on their respective networks.

Furthermore, Expansys has announced that they will be selling the HTC Desire from the 12th of April for as little as £450 excluding delivery, that's 55 days from now apparently.

Not only do you get the exact specs of the smartphone (like the fact that it has 576MB RAM not 256MB as we previously wrote and that the processor used is a QSD8250) but you can always preorder the phone, which carries the manufacturer part ID HTCBRAVOBRN_UK from the online e-tailer.

In comparison, the Google Nexus one will cost you $578 including delivery (but not VAT) when purchased from Google US direct. If you get zapped by the UK Customs, you risk paying an extra $80 on top and we're not even counting your postage and package fees if something goes wrong with it.

Our Comments

This means that it is probably better to buy the HTC Desire rather than the Nexus One. It also means that the Desire could well prove to be a very, very embarassing obstacle to Google's plans of world domination. Or maybe it was all part of the giant's strategy to wake up the Android marketplace.

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