HTC HD2 Caught Running Windows Phone 7 Series

Dutch website Winmo has managed to capture Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series running on a HTC HD2 smartphone, something Microsoft said that it wouldn't be possible (ed : or did they say acceptable).

A picture of the device has been posted here and shows the device happily running on T-Mobile Netherlands with a Tomtom Navigator application in the background.

The HD2 seems to be fully capable of running WP7S, at least the preliminary/early build version thanks to its Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the WVGA 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen and the 512MB RAM onboard.

Winmo noted that Windows Phone 7 Series offers multi-lingual support out of the box (at least support for Dutch language) and the hubs look like shortcuts on the screen of HTC's own Sense UI.

As for that TomTom Navigator app, it looks as if TomTom is working on a Windows Phone 7 Series version. Version 7.916.9189 - the one installed on the phone - is the current version, one that is also present on Windows Mobile 6.

Regarding the native speed of the phone, Winmo says that the HD2 is at least twice as fast compared to when it was running under Windows Mobile 6.5 which is pretty impressive and reminiscent of the transition between Vista and Windows 7.

And while the Windows Phone 7 Series solves an existing major SMS problem on the HD2, the Zune multimedia features do not work with the current HTC ROM. All in all, while there are some flaws, they are minor enough to be solved over the next six months or so.

Furthermore, it does provide with a potential upgrade path for smartphones that have just been launched and run on Windows Mobile 6.5 or 6.5.3.