Intel, Nokia & Meego : What Will Microsoft Make of it?

Microsoft must certainly be quite annoyed by the fact that Intel, its long time partner, has now committed human and financial resources to a competing mobile platform that could one day morph into a desktop rival, taking on Windows.

The world's largest software company in the world has been remaining fairly faithful to Intel while the latter has been supporting, more openly, alternatives to Windows OS through projects like Moblin.

Meego's homepage shows that the environment will be aiming at netbooks, pocketables, in-vehicle devices, connected TVs and Media Phones and will be rivalling the likes of Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded.

While Intel has a large number of operating systems that will support it (MacOS, Linux, Windows etc), Microsoft operating systems are currently restricted to the x86 market with Intel squatting the bulk of that segment.

As Intel appears to be gradually reducing its reliance on the Wintel alliance, Microsoft cannot afford to do so. Intel could, in the future, decide to bundle Meego with its barebone systems (netbooks, MIDs etc) and cut Microsoft completely out of the equation.

Meego will give Intel complete control on the computing experience and will also allow it to gain a precious advantage over its archrival, AMD. Sure, Meego will be an open project but as the Register rightly pointed out, there were no names mentioned during the launch.

But it leaves us with the tantalising of Windows 7 Mobile running on a dual core ARM Cortex A9 facing a Moorestown system with Meego.

Our Comments

We hope that the newly released Windows 7 Mobile will be able to make people stop asking for Microsoft to port Windows 7 to the ARM architecture. Anyhow, you don't need Windows 7 to be able to make a phone call or access the internet.

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