iPhone Users Commit Insurance Frauds To Upgrade Their Handsets

An insurance company is reporting that some iPhone enthusiasts, in their quest to lay their hands on the latest model of the blockbuster device, are indulging in insurance frauds.

Insurance firm, Supercover Insurance, which largely covers electronic gadgets, asserted that the insurance claims on the smartphone jumped by as much as 50 percent whenever a new model of the iPhone hits the floor.

The company reckons that around 40 percent of these claims filed during this period are suspicious, with users deliberately ruining their old iPhone in a bid to get it upgraded to a new model.

Carmi Korine, director of the insurance firm, noted: “While most customers take out insurance because they value their iPhone, we started to notice increases in claims as new and upgraded iPhones were launched.”

“For short periods around new model or upgrade launches, claims for lost, stolen or damaged iPhones go through the roof”, Korine added.

Korine suggested that a significant number of iPhone users are simply resorting to these extreme measures in order grab the next-generation “must-have spec” smartphone.

Interestingly, the obsession for the iPhone’s latest model goes to an extent that users opt for bashing their erstwhile model with hammer blows, or even drive their car over it, the insurance group claimed.

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Supercover Insurance further went on to claim that the iPhone insurance was the fastest growing insurance type in the smartphones sector, with its users 60 percent more likely to claim for cover than the other smartphone owners. Expect a much higher premium though.

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