Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series : Review Of Previews

There hasn't been any proper review of Microsoft's relabelled Windows Mobile 7 platform, more like previews and commentaries about the heavily rehauled Windows Phone 7 platform.

It does represent Microsoft's most potent and certainly its last chance at the smartphone market, one which is dominated by the likes of Apple and Android while still remaining under the threat of newcomers like Bada or Meego.

Claudine Beaumont, the technology editor at the Telegraph, says that Windows Phone 7 is a "horribly clunky name" for such a "slick, well designed and refreshingly different version" of Windows Mobile.

She also points to the fact that Microsoft has decided to cut its ties to previous Windows Mobile platforms which might be bad news for developers and existing WinMo users but also represents a fresh start for Microsoft altogether, with a clean canvas.

ZDNet's First Take has Oded Ran from the Windows Phone Team explaining why Microsoft chose the word "series" when it presented the mobile platform to the expert audience at MWC.

First Take also explains why, because of the strict minimum specifications to run Windows Phone 7 (like the need for four points of contacts on the screen), it is very unlikely that existing Windows Mobile smartphones will be able to upgrade to Windows Phone 7 (ed : which is great for phone manufacturers).

The Register's Bill Ray, on the other side, is adamant that Microsoft should have stuck to what it does best, OS for computers. Apart from saying that he hates Windows 7 already, it seems that his personal attack is based upon his experience with Samsung's Omnia and Omnia II range, both of which are based on existing Windows Mobile, not on Windows Phone 7.

Oh and he also takes a dig at Android for not being able to highlight spelling mistakes, run Opera natively and connect to a Redfly device.

Gary Marshall of Techradar, agrees with Beaumont over the poor name choice for Microsoft's latest platform. Windows Phone 7 Series, he says, is a terrible name but WP7S (as we shall call it) is still a very impressive platform and one which apparently works very well.

He also gives a sensible advice to Microsoft and technology companies in general. Get your technology stuff tested by a two-year old.

As for Simon Duke from the Daily Mail, he compared the launch of the Windows Phone 7 Series to a scene "reminiscent of a nightclub on a Friday night" with scores of reporters and industry analysts waiting for the starts to pour in, only to criticise the delayed launch as being underwhelming and ultimately failing to impress him in Microsoft's war on the iPhone and Android rivals.