MOJ, Police Staff Disciplined For Improper Social Networking Use

The surging addiction for social networking sites is spawning troubles even for the government, as two government agencies have admitted to disciplining their staff for the improper use of online social networks, it has been emerged.

The Metropolitan Police and the Ministry of Justice have disciplined their employees for misbehaving on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as per official figures released in response to the requests made by Lewis PR under the Freedom of Information Act.

The MoJ terminated the employment of four employees and issued last warnings against another three for not showing the expected compliance with the strict policies laid down for accessing various online social networking platforms.

Additionally, the Ministry disciplined more than 40 of its staff members for carrying out different email and web offences.

Furthermore, Scotland Yard has divulged that it has set out disciplinary proceedings against 28 officials for violating the Metropolitan Police Services’ (MPS) rules for online social networks.

Of those 28 police officers, eighteen were given written warnings for abusing social networking sites, while five have had “words of advice”, and four were wrote out “formal misconduct” allegation. No further action was taken against the remaining one officer.

Incidentally, the MPS had also disciplined five civilian staff members for social network abuse in the last one and a half years or so.

Our Comments

Oh well, with more than half of the UK population on one social networking, it doesn't surprise us that there are some of us that err on the wrong side of the law. It just goes to show that we're all humans after all. Still, it is only after LewisPR made a FoI request that these details emerged.

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