MSI Presents The Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi all-in-one Desktop PC

MSI, the other Taiwanese hardware company, has pushed out an all in one PC which wants to combine a Hi-Fi powerhouse with a touchscreen desktop PC, albeit one with a rather hefty price tag.

The Wind Top AE2220 Hi-Fi introduces MSI's own "ground-up acoustic concept" which is built using SRS virtual surround technology blended with MSI's own proprietary (and exclusive) Premium Sound Technology.

So you get two 5 Watts speakers that are mounted on an accoustic suspension system with a magnesium-aluminium alloy membrane and uases MSI's patented noise-cancellation solution to eliminate any audio interferences.

The AE2220 comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (a T6600 running at 2.2GHz), a 21.5-inch Full HD touchscreen display, 4GB RAM, a 640GB hard disk drive, VGA and HDMI inputs, a Geforce 9300 with 256MB memory and Windows 7 Home Premium.

There's also all the bells and whistles you could expect, from a number of USB ports, GbE LAN, 802.11n WiFi, an eSATA connector, a card reader, a TV Tuner, a blu-ray drive and a webcam. We also like the Chiclet wireless keyboard and ergonomic wireless mouse. The asking price? £800.

Audiophiles however would probably choose to invest in a proper system. However if you are indeed in the market for an integrated AIO computer with a large Full HD monitor, complete with all the bells and whistles, then the AE2220 will fill the bill.

Our Comments

We never really grasped the real reason why MSI chose the name "Wind Top" for this computer range. Asus has the "EEE Top", so we guess that the "top" theme is a recurrent one when it comes to desktop-bound computers. Still, the AE2220 is a great looking computer albeit not a Hi-Fi machines per se.

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