MWC 2010 : HTC Legend & HD Mini Available For Preorder

After the HTC Desire Smartphone, online retailer Expansys has also listed two HTC smartphones announced a few hours ago at MWC 2010.

Both the Android-based HTC Legend and the Windows-powered HTC HD Mini have now appeared on the website and it appears that all three models (including the Desire) will be launched on Monday 12th of April.

Unlike the Desire though, neither the HD Mini nor the HTC Legend have their own dedicated website which shows where HTC is hedging its bets. That said, for next generations SIM Free phones, the Legend and the HD Mini are surprisingly affordable.

The first one costs only £400 and apart from its gorgeous looking aluminium body adn the soft rubber at the back, we learn that it will have a RDS FM Radio plus a flash for the camera (which we omitted in our original description).

As for the Mini, it will go on sale for £350. It has a 1200mAh battery, a sensible option given the size of the handset plus the ability to stream video and something called widescreen photo capture.

A quick look at what's on offer from Expansys in the same price range; the Milestone costs £400, same as the Legend, the N97 is available for £450, a direct rival to the HTC Desire while the HTC HD Mini will face the Acer A1 Liquid at £350.