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Nokia and Intel merge Maemo and Moblin

More operating system news at the MWC today as chipset maker Intel and phone giant Nokia declare a merger of their Moblin and Maemo platforms to create MeeGo. Intel will also source HSPA tech from Nokia and the relationship is likely to see many more Intel chips powering Nokia smartphones.

Developed over a five-year cycle, Maemo shipped on Nokia internet tablets since 2005. It stepped across into the high-end smartphone arena last quarter with version 5 for the N900, a hyper-phone for nerds. Moblin (Mobile Linux) has been around since 2007, appearing on netbooks and mobile internet devices.

MeeGo will be open source and hosted by the Linux Foundation, aimed at supporting a range of device types, it will appear on very high-end smartphones, netbooks, tablets and connected televisions towards the end of the year.

A fine pedigree or a bastard child? Time will tell. It makes sense to scale-up to compete and the two companies could become powerful allies. Both parents here contribute powerful functionality, but providing tools and apps that customers want to use will be key to running alongside the other big names.

MeeGo? Apart from sounding like a Pokémon and further challenging my spelling-check, it shows you how hard it’s becoming to name a product.

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