Vodafone warns against the power of Google

Boss of Vodafone, Vittorio Colao, has told a gathering at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Google's growing power could damage consumer choice.

During his keynote speech at the event, Colao said he was preturbed by the power the likes of Google and Yahoo command in online advertising and search.

His quick overview of the market showed how there are many content and application development firms supplying the mobile operators. But in the area of "search and advertising management," Colao could only find two: Google and Yahoo.

He said the "70 per cent, 80 per cent maybe even more" of the market these search companies command is cause for concern. "From a policy perspective, this should be looked into. We need to ensure choice and avoid concentration before it's too late," he said.

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt will take to the Barcelona stage later today. We'll see if he has anything to add.