ATI updates Catalyst driver to 10.2

AMD has announced new ATI Catalyst driver features coming in a pair of updates. The first, version 10.2 is available here, now. The second is scheduled for release in March.

With the releases AMD is introducing a game profiles scheme, which it says will help optimise performance.

The firm said it wants to provide access to game profiles as soon as a new game launches. It will post a separate executable file on that users can install to get access to the latest application profiles for improved performance.

Also improved in 10.2 is CrossFireX support, mainly through the tactic of profiling.

With version 10.3 coming in March, AMD plans to issue monthly ATI Catalyst driver updates for Windows 7 and Windows Vista-based notebooks that feature ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000, HD 4000 and HD 5000 series premium graphics processors.

The firm also said it is enabling more 3D gaming options by allowing for independent left and right images at 120Hz.