BBC announces iPhone Apps

The BBC will jump on the app phone bandwagon in April with content fed direct to Apple's iPhone.

Blackberry and Android versions of the news and sport streaming Apps will follow soon after as the Beeb tries to keep up with the likes of Sky, which already provides loads of dedicated smartphone software.

Speaking at MWC in Barcelona, BBC bigwig Erik Huggers said that BBC licence payers "want to access the digital services that they have paid for at a time and place that suits them. Today's announcement means that we are catching up with our audiences."

The news App will be released in April and will provide free video and written content, banging yet another nail into the coffin of traditional newspapers who are desperate to persuade us that we should pay for news content online.

The BBC Sport App will be rolled out, surprise surprise, in time for the World Cup which kicks off in June. Anyone trying to use the 3G network for any kind of work during an England match is gonna be bang out of luck.