Google CEO Says 60,000 Android Devices Shipped Every Day

Eric Schmidt has revealed at MWC 2010 that more than 60,000 Android devices were shipping every day, which is roughly twice the amount compared to the last quarter.

However, Schmidt did not confirm whether these devices were actually sold or whether these devices were exclusive smartphones or if they were a mix.

60,000 Android phones a day would mean 22 million phones a year which would mean that Google would not be very far behind Apple when it comes to shipped phones; the Cupertino-based company flogged slightly more than 25 million iPhones over the last year.

However, Google has many more players at hand and is likely to continue growing at this rate while the number of handsets and the rate at which they will improve, will expand exponentially.

Furthermore, apart from Smartphones, expect other Android devices to pop up in 2010 including the likes of tablets, ebook readers and smartbooks which may sold hundreds of thousands of units per quarter.

Finally, with the launch of Chrome OS towards the end of the year with a possible merger (and shift to the desktop/thin client market) in sight, Google could well look towards selling four Android/Chrome-based devices every second, that's more than 125 million units per year by next year.

Our Comments

To put things in perspective, Samsung, with its Bada platform, expects 10 million units to be sold for the whole of 2010 while Apple has sold nearly nine million iPhones in the last quarter alone. One thing is sure, the smartphone market will, again, be red hot in 2010.

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