Google Faces EPIC Wrath In Buzz Privacy Debacle

After the user backlash suffered by Google after the launch of its new social networking tool Buzz over suspected privacy flaws, the software giant appears to be in serious trouble.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has complained to the US regulators, claiming that Buzz is violating Consumer Protection laws. The complaint comes just a few days after Google amended the privacy flaw.

The US privacy watchdog filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission which said that the Google tool was compromising the privacy of millions of Gmail users who were forced to follow all the people in their contact list.

Commenting on the abuse of privacy by Google Buzz, EPIC executive director Marc Rotenberg said in a statement that “This is a significant breach of consumers' expectations of privacy. Google should not be allowed to push users' personal information into a social network they never requested.”

Google had introduced the Buzz social networking tool as a part of its Gmail email client last week and the service immediately came under fire from a number of users.

They claimed that Buzz automatically started sharing their email details over the internet without their express permission and created public social circles of friends for users based on their most frequent Gmail contacts.

Our Comments

Google's CEO has already come forward saying that what some call the Buzz debacle has harmed no one. Though this is debatable, it proves that not even Google is immune to privacy cockups and can learn from the likes of Facebook and Twitter that have some experience in this.

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