Myspace Updates Now Available On Google Real-time Search Results

Beleaguered social networking company MySpace has added to its appeal by partnering with Google, which would now start showing the former’s status updates into its real-time search results.

MySpace has incidentally announced its real-time Stream API back in December and Google unveiled its real-time search capability just a day before MySpace’s announcement.

Whilst Google was the social networking site’s launch partner, along with OneRiot, it took a couple of month’s time for Google to incorporate MySpace’s updates into its real-time search results.

The partnership would see the search engine giant dishing up publicly accessible MySpace updates stream in its real-time search results whenever a user performs search with it.

The results would include the “live snapshot” of MySpace users’ updates relating to the given search topic, and results will be ranked in a way that the newest and most relevant updates feature on top of the results.

The updates will begin appearing on the main search results page as well as under the “Updates” filter placed in the advanced search tab.

Mike Jones, MySpace’s co-president, hailed the move by saying, “This partnership increases our users' ability to share and showcase content across the open Web and gives people outside the MySpace network even more ways to discover new content”.

Our Comments

Will this prevent Myspace from slumping against the likes of Twitter and Facebook, certainly not. But then, every little helps and we believe that it is better to do something rather than nothing, especially, as Google won't be charging anything for it.

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