Schmidt wants a bit of Google in everybody

Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt faced a feisty crowd in Barcelona today at what he called the "centre of the computing world."

The mobile Internet represented a "convergence point," Schmidt said in his keynote address to the Mobile World Congress show. "That time is upon us - right now, right here, for this year and at least the next many years."

Google had been accused from a similar podium in the same location earlier today of becoming a bit too big for its boots.

Vodafone chief, Vittorio Colao had suggested Google's dominance of the Internet advertising market "should be looked into."

Schmidt ignored the remark.

Instead, he attempted to woo a crowd heavy with grumbling network operators, insisting Google had no interest in building networks, despite recently running fibre-optic broadband trials in the US.

"We are not going to be investing in broad-scale infrastructure," he said.

Referring to the infernal upgrade cycle that propels industries forward, Schmidt said Google needed the operators to "invest these enormous amounts of money at great risk and in return they need us to continue to build powerful new reasons to upgrade your connection, get a new phone and so forth."

"I feel very strongly that we depend on the successful businesses of the operators," he confessed.

That, he said, was because the job ahead, "is to make mobile pretty much the answer to everything."

"Mobile first," was the priority.

And all Google wants is its little slice, Schmidt said.

All we want, he said, is "to have a little bit of Google in everybody's transaction with the Internet."