SeeSaw launches UK TV buffet

Today sees the launch of yet another service offering a way to watch UK telly programmes old and new online.

SeeSaw - which cobbles together offerings from the BBC, Channel 4 and Five - has struck deals for shows from both the recent and distant past.

The video on demand (VoD) portal boasts more than 3,000 hours of content ranging from this week's Hollyoaks to vintage episodes of Doctor Who.

The company, which has also secured programming from independent producers, will fund the free-to-see venture with unskippable advertising slots before, during and after the programming.

SeeSaw expects to add another 2,000 hours of content by the end of June, when it is planning to start charging for some premium content, including big US shows.

The company also has plans to add social networking elements to the service.

American VoD giant Hulu, which had planned to launch in the UK, is currently struggling to find content having failed to come to an equitable arrangement with ITV.