Adobe CTO Criticises Apple's Critics Towards Flash

Adobe Systems has been busy defending its stand ever since Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs has reportedly lambasted Adobe in an employee conference by calling it “lazy” and its Flash technology “buggy”.

This time Adobe’s chief technology officer, Kevin Lynch, has come up with a rejoinder to Jobs’ comments, and said that his company is open to criticisms, cautiously listens to its critics and customers, and has been pouring in hard work to improve its Flash technology for Mac and smartphones.

In a video interview with Kara Swisher of BoomTown, Lynch said Adobe is working hard to improve Flash for offering a seamless web experience to users.

In a direct reference to Jobs’ reported comments, Swisher asked Lynch whether he was “lazy”, to which the Adobe executive responded that he, along with his team, is working hard on their company’s products.

Lynch was pretty uncertain about whether Jobs’ actually said those disparaging comments, as he said, “And that's a rumor. I haven't heard that necessarily he did say that. But maybe he did, whatever”.

Further speaking about absence of Flash from iPad, Lynch said that this would affect the web experience of iPad users, as Flash powers a significant number of websites across the internet, and is the main technology behind videos and games worldwide.

Our Comments

Adobe and Flash will be facing their biggest challenge over the next few years as the rise of HTML5, Silverlight and web-based services threaten to make them more niche players rather than the dominant actors that they are right now. With this in the background, Apple's harsh words will barely register.

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