Link forum raided by cops, three arrested

An Internet forum which simply provided links to films and TV shows amongst other online things has been raided by Polish police who arrested three people.

The Filmowisko forum was investigated by Polish anti-piracy Foundation for the Protection of Audiovisual Creativity (FOTA) which decided to send in the Fuzz last Friday.

The three arrestees were a 21-year-old computer science student and two teenagers aged 17 and 16. Two face the possibility of being banged up for five years while the 16 year-old is treated as a minor by the Polish legal system.

The forum itself does not host any copyrighted content at all although it has around 30,000 members who post links to media for others to download.

The site had posted up the following message: "Forum administrators are not responsible for content written by users. The files placed here by users are only for promotional purposes. After 24 hours you must delete all files downloaded from this forum." It didn't help.

Coppers made off with six computers and bundles of disks which they thought might contain copyright-infringing content.