MWC 2010: Samsung's Bada And Wave Debut

On the last day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I had another look at fancy mobile gadgets. While some famous handsets manufacturers like Nokia are missing at this year’s congress others left a great impression. Samsung was among them. I had a look at the new ‘Wave’ phone featuring Samsung’s brand new operating system ‘Bada’ (Ocean). I have to admit it was a little ‘wow’.

The Wave features a brilliant display, something you haven’t seen on a mobile phone. It is based on a technology Samsung calls ‘AMOLED’ – Active Matrix Organic LED. Fully touch-enabled, amazing colors and crystal clear.

Usability of the Wave is great. Animations are fluid. Actually, it is the only phone that keeps up with the iPhone in this regard. All applications you need seem available and the user interface looks great. To my surprise Bada and Wave feature parts of the hub concept Microsoft demonstrated on Monday. The ‘social hub’ for instance aggregates the same information, updates and data like Microsoft’s ‘people’ hub. Who was first?

While Microsoft demonstrated only an early prototype the Wave will be available shortly at half the price of an iPhone as I was told. The Bada OS makes a mature impression; the UI looks fun and the Wave phone is – though no revolution – some ‘I’d like to have it’ gadget. I believe that another relevant OS player has appeared.