Web site tells burglars when you're out

A bloke called Boy has caused a bit of a kerfuffle with his web site called PleaseRobMe.com

The site trawls the likes of Twitter on which folk like to whitter on about what they're up to and where they are. Many Twits like to tweet when they're off to the airport, or jetting off abroad so that they sound more glam, especially if they are involved in the location-based thingamajig Foursquare.

Boy Van Amstel said the website took just four hours to create. "It's basically a Twitter search - nothing new," he told the BBC.

"Anyone who can do HTML and javascript can do this. You could almost laugh at how easy it is," he said.

Van Amstelu built the site with two Dutch mates, Frank Groeneveld and Barry Borsboom.

The Web site is not a tool for burglary," he said. "The point we're getting at is that not long ago it was questionable to share your full name on the Internet. We've gone past that point by 1000 miles."

The site is here.