Windows 7 is a memory hog, shocka

The vast majority of PCs running Windows 7 are under-performing according to research conducted by XPnet.

A blog posting reveals that 85 per cent of PC systems monitored by the outfit are running 'alarmingly low' on physical RAM and are being hobbled by having to resort to virtual memory, the process whereby a chunk of hard drive space is used to cover the shortfall.

Despite having on average half the amount of RAM, PCs running the ancient XP operating system fared much better with only 40 per cent running low on memory. Vista didn't fare much better with 80 per cent of systems struggling under the pressure.

"When you factor in the generally more advanced hardware that’s being deployed with Windows 7 (over a third of the legacy XP systems sampled have CPUs that pre-date the launch of Windows Vista), the realisation that Microsoft’s new OS is quickly expanding to consume all available resources is still quite alarming," warns the blog.

The data was collected from hundreds of millions of systems with an average 3.3GB of RAM in the case of Windows 7 and 1.7GB for XP.