£20 Per Month Sony Ericsson W995 200m 400t On O2

You will never be bored again with the Sony Ericsson W995.

This is the ultimate multi-media phone and possibly the best Walkman phone yet.

The stylish brushed metal black casing is just a sign of what's inside.

The 8.1 Megapixel camera is better than many dedicated cameras.

The camera comes with lots of quirky functions including Geo-tagging, which tags photos with information on where they were taken; live photo blogging, which lets you upload pictures to social networking and blogging sites such as Facebook andTwitter; and BestPic which takes seven pictures in quick succession to ensure you get the best snap.

Other features include an image LED flash, stabiliser, auto focus, face and smile detection.

You also get video capture and playback, and the video blogging function means you can put your video clips online in seconds, for all to see.

Buy this Sony Ericsson from O2 with 200 minutes, 400 texts and unlimited O2 to O2 calls for only £20 per month for 24 months.