Alex laptop courts noobs with deep pockets

Yet another well-meaning startup is trying to get computers into the hands of the techno-illiterate.

The Broadband Computer Company has launched Alex, a Linux-based GUI which aims to simplify common computing tasks by offering easy access to email, web browsing and social networking.

Alex users will pay £30 a month for unlimited support for the first three months and a rolling tenner thereafter and forever.

The latchkey system which comes fully loaded with all the software most new users will need costs £400. You'll have to stump up for broadband on top of all of that... or the company will, of course, sort it out for you if you like.

They will also automatically maintain software updates and prevent nasty viruses and the like.

We can see this appealing to lazy rich people with elderly parents who want to get them online so that they don't have to visit them quite so often, but that's about it.

It's an interesting and laudible project but the hardware is over-specced and over-priced as is the initial support plan.