Corsair launches keypad thumb drive

Memory maker, Corsair has introduced a new ultra-secure thumb drive with a built-in keypad.

The Flash Padlock 2 has a user-definable PIN number up to ten characters long and data on the drive can't be accessed without entering the code.

The belt to the braces is 256-bit AES encryption which is the same level of security used by most government agencies. Read what you will into that.

Anyone who tries to get at their stuff by poking at the keys in a random manner will end up with a locked drive. It is possible to change the passkey but that will erase all data on the USB device.

The rugged drive holds 8GBs of top secret documents and costs $59. No UK pricing or availability have been announced but expect it to be around the £45 mark.

As you'd expect, it'll work out of the box with Windows, Mac or Linux as it doesn't need any additional software.