Facebook Becomes Second Biggest Website In US

Facebook has shown a phenomenal growth in around six years of its existence, and it just added another feather to its cap by outpacing Yahoo to become the second most-visited website in the US, according to data released by an analyst firm.

Market research firm Compete has revealed that the social networking giant has surpassed Yahoo in the month of January to become the second most trafficked website in the country after Google.

The website drew a whopping 133.6 million web users last month, second only to the search engine bellwether Google which had 148 million US users. Yahoo stood at the third spot with 132 million users in January.

The social networking site already holds the top spot in terms of the amount of time spent on any website. As per the figures released, Facebook accounted for 11.6 percent of the time spent on the web, while Yahoo had 4.25 percent, and Google managed to have 4.1 percent of the users’ time.

“Is Facebook's next conquest the Google traffic throne? While eyeballs are newsworthy, the real story is engagement, especially in the ongoing battle for those coveted big brand dollars. On this front, Facebook is second to none”, the research firm said in its announcement.

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This is the major shakeup in the list ever since Google blazed past Yahoo to claim the top spot in February 2008 and never looked back. Google better watch out for Facebook, especially as the rate of growth of the social networking website shows no sigh of slowing down.

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