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Google Aurora Attack Originated From Chinese Schools

A security expert investigating the cyber-attack on Google, that had targeted the Gmail accounts of Chinese human right activists, has claimed that the hackers behind the attack were also responsible for the cyber-attacks made on several Fortune 100 companies in the past one and a half year.

According to security analyst, James C. Mulvenon, cyber investigators have succeeded in creating profiles of the hackers involved in the Google attack based on the types of cyber violations, the way the computer code was written and the symbols used in the code.

The profiles thus created have revealed to the investigators that the same hackers were involved in several other cyber-intrusions made on Fortune 100 companies.

Surprisingly, the attacks seem to originate from two Chinese schools, the Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Lanxiang Vocational School.

Last month in January, search engine Google had revealed to the world that the company’s corporate infrastructure had been breached by a cyber-attack originating from the People’s Republic of China. Google had also reported that the cyber-attack also targeted 20 other US multinational companies.

This revelation by Google had triggered a global debate on freedom of information over the internet and countries like China, Iran and Egypt were criticised for restricting information over the internet.

Our Comments

Above all, Google has threatened to shut down its China operation if the country does not allow the company to work in an uncensored environment. The interesting thing as the New York Times highlighted is the ties that those two schools have with Baidu, which happens to be the biggest Chinese rival to Google.

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