Google To Buy Catch Media To Rival iTunes : Report

Technology website CNET has reported that search engine giant Google is considering the acquisition of Los Angeles based Catch Media.

The latter offers solutions aimed at making it simple for consumers to enjoy their digital movies, music, and books across numerous different hardware and service platforms.

According to the CNET report, unidentified sources close to the matter have confirmed that the internet company has after the technology offered by Catch Media.

Several industry sources claim that Google’s acquisition of Catch Media will allow the company to develop a cloud-based music service of its own to compete with Apple’s iTunes music store, which is slowly being transferred by Apple into the cloud.

When CNET contacted Google for any comments on the matter, a Google spokesperson was quick to respond that “While we're always talking to various people about various things, we don't comment on rumor or speculation.” and a Catch Media representative refused to comment on the matter.

Catch Media was founded by the brothers Boaz and Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, with an aim of allowing users to access their media files in a way resembling the cash withdraws from an ATM machine.

The company plans to develop a platform which is interoperable with almost all the media related hardware and software platforms.

Our Comments

Google's move appear to be a direct reaction to Apple's acquisition of Lala to prep up iTunes. That said, we do not know exactly whether Google will use Catch Media to compete with Apple or for something else. Furthermore, Google has had a pretty mixed record with acquisitions.

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