IBM Labs Launches Web Click Recording Firefox Tool

Big Blue has dished out the beta version of a Firefox add-on developed by the company, designed to record the web activity of a user so that they can be automatically viewed or printed out by other people as tutorials.

The software, which was developed by IBM’s Almaden Research Center, is called the CoScripter Reusable History add-on and is aimed at reducing the browser time spent on repetitive procedures such as logging into a company's intranet site or filling out familiar forms.

According to a official statement released by the company, the CoScripter Firefox add-on is designed in such a way that it will people to publish the logs of a users online activity that would help people with certain procedures, such as making travel reservations, registering for a seminar or a tutorial showing how to collect and analyse data.

Commenting on the features offered by the add-on, CoScripter team member Jeffrey Nichols wrote in a blog post that "If a colleague has a question about an internal business process, such as a corporate naming request, I can simply search my recorded history, copy out the relevant actions, and share them with my colleague.”

Our Comments

The add-on has been made compatible with all the versions of the popular browser, except the latest Firefox 3.6, but the company said that the update for that will arrive sometime next week. It is an interesting tool but nonetheless needs to be used with precaution as it can store sensitive details.

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