IBM's web tool records every Firefox click

IBM Research has built a tool that can record every click of the mouse or keyboard that you make when online with Firefox.

CoScripter Reusable History records your online comings and goings at the level of interactions, such as clicking on a link or entering text into a form field.

It remembers the exact set of actions that took a surfer to a particular corner of the Interweb

It also makes it easy to share sequences of actions from your history with other users. This is possible because each interaction in your history is recorded as a string of natural-sounding text that is easily understood by people, an IBM researcher blogs.

If you copy a sequence of actions out of your history and paste it into an e-mail, then the recipient of that e-mail can repeat the interactions just by reading the e-mail. Of course, if the recipient has CoScripter installed, then the interactions can be repeated for them automatically.

CoScripter Reusable History also supports sharing sequences of actions through social networking tools, like Twitter and Facebook. Hmm.

You can get your copy here.