Meet Asborometer, The Free ASBO Identifying iPhone App

An intriguing iPhone app called ASBOrometer has been launched for the iPhone and will reveal to its users the percentage of their neighbours that have what some people call "badges of honour" otherwise known as ASBOs.

The application regularly pulls data from public domain government databases courtesy of the Home Office before delivering it in a nicely formatted table.

Available for the Android and iPhone platforms, it also shows some nice maps of where the hotspots are (i.e. areas to be avoided) as will as the average population in a certain areas plus the level of anti-social behaviour based on "perceptions" statistics.

Jeff Gilfelf, Asborometer's developer, said that "Although its name is fun, it has a serious message" and the app has already been dubbed an estate agents' worst nightmare, especially since it is available for free.

Sadly, some of the data may already be obsolete as it is could have been collected months, or even years before and could be detrimental to a particular area. You can download it here.

Our Comments

What's next? An augmented reality version that compares the picture of someone to a giant database of mugshots in real-time? Or even better, one which can tell you where the chain smoking, baby popping, ASBO-slapped chavs actually are. Now that'd helpful.

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