Microsoft moves to offer browser choice

Over the next few weeks software megacorporation Microsoft will offer a number of choices of web browser to new and existing users in line with a European Union anti-competetive lawsuit.

In December, the European Commission told Microsoft that users should be able to install any browser on Windows, to make any browser the default browser, and to turn access to Internet Explorer on or off.

Microsoft also agreed to use Windows Update to provide a browser choice screen to Windows users in Europe who are running Internet Explorer as their default browser. The company is testing a limited roll-out as we speak, but a Europe-wide update will begin on March 1st.

This browser choice screen will present a list of browsers - Including Apple's Safari, Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox - with links to learn more about them and install them.

Internet Explorer - which is already losing ground to other browsers as rumours of security leaks gather momentum, and French and German governments both recommend using alternatives - is expected to lose another chunk of its dominant market share.